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Zilog Introduces the ZNEO32! 32-Bit Cost Effective MCU Product Family

 Zilog announced the Z32F0642 a new Cortex-M0 32-bit MCU. A cost effective and high performance microcontroller that is ideal for motor control applications, this product family expands Zilog’s portfolio of ZNEO32! 32-bit products. 

The Z32F0642 MCU features 64KB of Flash memory, 4KB of SRAM, and operating frequencies up to 40MHz. It offers a 3-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) generator unit suitable for inverter motor drive systems. A built-in 3-phase PWM generator can control one inverter motor. One 12-bit high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 12-channel analog multiplexed inputs is included to gather feedback from the motor. There are multiple powerful external serial interfaces (1-channel SPI, 1-channel I2C, and 2-channel UARTs) to communicate with on-board sensors and devices. 

The Z32F0642 can operate from a supply voltage ranging from 2.2V to 5.5V. Other features include free run timer, watchdog timer, on-chip RC-oscillator, power on reset, GPIOs, hardware divider, and brownout detector. This new MCU is available in a 32-pin (10-channel ADC) or 48-pin (12-channel ADC) low profile quad flat package (LQFP).

Well-suited applications include motor control (BLDC, servos, stepper and DC motors), robotics, household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners), building automation, industrial controls, smart lighting, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and sensor nodes.