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Zilog Announces New World of Motors Reference Design

Zilog®, a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS) that specializes in application specific solutions with microcontrollers (MCUs), today introduced its World of Motors reference design, expanding its portfolio of motor control solutions.

The World of Motors (WoM) Reference Design Board is a development platform built on Zilog’s series of Mini-Z stamp modules, designed to provide engineers, students, and enthusiasts with an easy to use platform for developing prototypes and projects related to motor control. The WoM board’s compatibility with the basic stamp modules sold by several vendors, in addition to Zilog’s Mini-Z modules, offers users flexibility and choice. This reference design includes the option to use the built-in Mini-Z shell or program a custom interface.

Key features of the World of Motors Reference Design include wireless control of motors using Mini-Z ZPAN or Mini-Z WLAN modules which have a ZNEO 16 bit microcontroller and provides an easy console communication GUI, and the ability to control the following types of motors:

  • DC brush motor
  • Servo motor
  • Unipolar stepper motor
  • Bipolar stepper motor

Examples of applications that are well suited for this reference design include robotics, navigation systems, security locks, fans, instrumentation systems, and automated sprinkler systems.

This design features several IXYS components:

  • DSS10-006A (3) (IXYS 10A diode)
  • IXDN602 (2) – FET Driver
  • IXDF602(4) – FET Driver
  • XBS104S1AR-G (12) – Torex Diodes
  • IXTA100N04T2 (8) – NChannel Trench FET
  • IXTA32P05T ( 4) – PChannel Trench FET

“A highlight of IXYS and Zilog reference designs is that we combine many of the company’s components which work extremely well together. By using IXYS products this demonstrates a fully integrated system. We design these complete solutions to help our customers solve problems quickly and thereby shorten their own product development time to market,” remarked Steve Darrough, Zilog’s VP of Marketing.