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SEGGER has introduced J-Link support for Zilog’s ZNE032

SEGGER has introduced J-Link support for Zilog’s ZNEO32! Cortex-M3 based family of MCUs. This includes support for debug, and flash programming. Production line programming is also available via the SEGGER Flasher family.

Projects using the ZNEO32! MCUs can now take advantage of the proven reliability and industry-leading performance of SEGGER’s highly popular J-Link debug technology, leading to faster and more efficient developments cycles.

J-Link is supported in all major IDE’s; IAR EWARM, Keil MDK, Rowley Crossworks, SEGGER’s own Embedded Studio and other Eclipse/GDB based offerings. This gives Zilog developers flexibility in their choice of IDE’s without compromising on the superior download speed to RAM and Flash that J-Link technology offers. Attached is the copy of the press release or you can access it through https://www.segger.com/pr-jlink-zilog.html