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RAFI FS Technology

The innovative RAFIX FS technology sets a new benchmark in the world of control components. The choice between PCB or QC switching elements, and the fast and simple assembly concept, make the RAFIX 22 FS+, RAFIX 22 FSR and RAFIX 30 FS+ series your unbeatably profitable solution. The extremely low mounting depth also allows you to achieve even flatter applications with integrated control components. That opens up undreamt-of design possibilities. There are two assembly options.

On the one hand, you can mount the PCB directly beneath the front panel. The uniquely low mounting depth of 9.2 or 15.8 mm saves you space, labor, and material. The PCB version is particularly economical even with medium quantities and significantly reduces assembly costs. In addition, there is almost no scope for assembly errors, as the circuit diagram is integrated in the design of the PCB.

The second assembly option involves the use of QC switching elements, which can be snapped into place without tools and with little effort. These are the fast and cost-effective alternative to applications where a PCB layout is not feasible. They differ from conventional control components because they only require an extremely small mounting space of just 27 mm behind the front panel. In addition, they do not require coupling elements between the actuators and switching elements. A small click is all it takes, and the connection is secure. As a result, they can even be used in environments with high vibrations and shocks.

RAFIX FS technology is also impressively flexible and modular – the switching elements can easily be combined with various actuators from the RAFIX 22 FS+, RAFIX 22 FSR and RAFIX 30 FS+ series. This means you can configure the system entirely according to your own wishes and requirements, from switching elements to connection type or design.