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NJR has Introduced a Rail-to-Rail OpAmp for Very Low Power ConsumptionIoT Devices

In order to make the indispensable sensor devices of IoT more power saving, New JRC has launched a rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier NJU77552. The NJU77552 features wideband of 1.7MHz, very low operating current of 50µA per circuit, high immunity to EMI, and has entered mass production.

Recently, with popularity and development of IoT, there is a growing need to connect various types of sensors. Many IoT equipment need driving by battery and constantly working, so the demand for power saving is essential, and moreover, sensors and devices need low power performance.
Therefore, the low power performance has been also required for operational amplifier which amplifies sensor signal. But usually operational amplifier satisfies low power consumption, the available frequency bandwidth becomes narrow.

In order to make up solution to satisfy the IoT requirement, New JRC has made full use of analog circuit technology which is good field and developed new operational amplifiers with wideband, low power consumption for IoT devices. And these operational amplifiers had entered mass production.
As a series, NJU7755X has single, dual and quad circuit operational amplifiers