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IXYS Releases 1700V and 2500V XPT™ IGBTs for Power Management Applications

IYS announced the 1700V and 2500V XPT™ IGBTs for power management applications. With current ratings ranging from 26A to 178A, the devices are well suited for high-voltage (“HV”), high-speed power conversion applications. Devices that are co-packed with anti-parallel fast diodes are also available.

IXYS has a long history of introducing state of the art, leading edge IGBTs and had pioneered the HV IGBT design and applications in power management especially in the transportation, medical and industrial markets. Designed using the proprietary IXYS Extreme-Light Punch-Through (XPT™) technology and the state-of-the-art IGBT processes, these new devices display qualities such as reduced thermal resistance, low tail current, low energy loss, and high-speed switching capability. Also, thanks to the positive temperature coefficient of their on-state voltage, the new high-voltage IGBTs can be used in parallel, which provides cost-effective solutions compared to series-connected, lower-voltage device ones. This consequently results in reduction in the associated gate drive circuitry, simplicity in design, and improvement in the reliability of the overall system.

The optional co-packed fast recovery diodes have low reverse recovery time and are optimized to produce smooth switching waveforms and significantly lower electromagnetic interference (EMI).

There are a number of high-voltage (“HV”), high-speed power management applications that can benefit from utilizing these IGBTs. Among them are HV converters, inverters, power pulse circuits, laser and X-ray generators, HV power supplies, HV test equipment, capacitor discharge circuits, medical switching applications, HV circuit protection, and HV AC switches.

The new XPT™ IGBTs are available in the following international standard size packages: SOT-227, TO-247, PLUS247, ISOPLUS i5-Pak™, TO-247HV, TO-247PLUS-HV, and TO-268HV. The latter three have increased creepage distances between leads, making them robust against higher voltages. Some example part numbers include IXYH24N170C, IXYN30N170CV1, IXYH30N170C, and IXYH25N250CHV, with collector current ratings of 58A, 88A, 108A, and 95A, respectively.