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IXYS Introduces CPC1511 Single-Pole OptoMOS Relay

The CPC1511 is a single-pole, normally open (1-Form-A) optically isolated Solid State Relay with integrated current limit and thermal shutdown features. Perfect for replacing electromechanical relays while enhancing the robustness of industrial applications, the CPC1511 can carry loads up to 450mADC/mArms.

The CPC1511 incorporates thermal shutdown circuitry for improved survivability in harsh environments, and is designed to pass regulatory voltage surge requirements when provided with appropriate over voltage protection circuitry.

Designed specifically for environmentally demanding AC or DC applications where printed circuit board space is at a premium and additional power supplies are not available, the CPC1511 is an ideal solution.

CPC1511Y Key Selling Points 

  • Integrated thermal shutdown
  • Active current limiting
  • Load voltage of up to 230V peak
  • Switches both AC/DC signals
  • Output short circuit immune
  • Ideal for harsh environments and high surge current applications