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IXYS Introduces a Novel Rectifier in a New Hermetic Package Option with Higher Temperature Rating and Megawatts of Power Switching

IXYS Corporation today announced an increased maximum voltage and a new low profile package option for its W2624 series rectifier diode. The maximum grade voltage has been increased to 2800 volts and a new 21 mm thick package option has been added to the standard range for this rectifier diode

As part of IXYS UK’s ongoing optimisation of its rectifier diode portfolio the maximum voltage rating for the W2624 series diode has been increased from 2500 volts to 2800 volts. This increase in voltage has been achieved without compromising the average current rating which remains at 2624 amperes at a heat sink temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. The diode has a surge rating of 30.8 kiloamperes and a maximum junction temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. The device comprises a 50mm diameter silicon die bonded onto a metal disc packaged in an industry standard outline, fully hermetic ceramic package. As well as the established 26mm thick package, the diode is now also offered in a slim line 21mm thick package. The convolutions in the ceramic of the new thinner package option retain the longer creepage distance often required in traction applications and harsh industrial environments.