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IXYS Expands its High Voltage Fast Recovery Diode Products in the Surface Mount D3Pak-HV (TO-268HV)

IXYS announced the introduction of the D3Pak-HV package (TO-268HV). This package offers high voltage capability due to the 1200V rating designed in the creepage distance. The products introduced in the TO-268HV packages are Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED) and the faster version High Performance FRED (HiperFRED). 

“The expansion of our D3Pak-HV product portfolio with the FRED and HyperFRED products complements the well adopted solutions IXYS already offers in this package type for demanding applications. We are excited to further contribute new solutions to the power markets that will help to reduce energy consumption and will extend the reliability of electronic systems,” stated Dr. Elmar Wisotzki, Director of Technology at IXYS Germany. 

The D3Pak-HV offers a recommended and standardized footprint. The creepage distance between the terminal and the copper backside is greater than or equal to 5.80 mm. This enables the use of the 1.2KV D3Pak in pollution degree 2 industrial designs. In addition to industrial power control applications, these devices target other applications with 1.2KV to 1.8KV such as power supplies, UPS, renewable energy, motor drives and medical applications. 

The expanded D3-PakHV package offering by IXYS also includes the products listed below, thus expanding the choices for efficient surface mount based product designs.  

CMA50E1600TZ                        D3-PakHV, single SCR; 50A; 1600V

CLA60MT1200NTZ                  D3Pak-HV, single Triac; 60A; 1200V

DSP45-12TZ                               D3Pak-HV; phase-leg for diode bridges; 45A; 1200V

DSP45-16TZ                               D3Pak-HV; phase-leg for diode bridges; 45A; 1600V

MCB60I1200TZ                          D3Pak-HV; single SiC MosFet; 60A; 1200V

DSEI120-12AZ                            D3Pak-HV; single FRED; 120A; 1200V

DSEP60-12AZ                             D3Pak-HV; single HiPerFRED; 60A; 1200V

DSEP90-12AZ                             D3Pak-HV; single HiPerFRED; 90A; 1200V 

The DSEI120-12AZ is a 120 Amp fast diode with a reverse blocking voltage of 1200V providing a very small forward voltage drop and a soft dynamic behavior to minimize EMC noise. The 1200V HiperFREDs are the 60 Amps DSEP60-12AZ and the 90 Amps DSEP90-12AZ. The HiPerFRED technology is tailored for extreme fast dynamic switching applications with a minimum of switching losses.