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IXYS Announces the Expansion of its Phase-Leg Modules

IXYS announced the expansion of its standard rectifier module portfolio for thyristor/thyristor, thyristor/diode and diode/diode phase-legs in its TO-240 outline with blocking voltages of 2200 volts.

The TO-240 package is an IXYS DCB based module with the highest performance in thermal behavior and power density. A wide range of controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers for one and three phase applications are already provided by IXYS in that housing class.

The latest addition of 2200 volt products to the TO-240 portfolio is complementing IXYS’ product line to now offer a wide current range from 25 to 140 amps at a case temperature of 100 degrees C with lowest forward voltage drop and high performance in the reverse blocking direction. This will allow designers the freedom to build applications with the highest power densities while maintaining IXYS’ well known quality performance. In addition, IXYS’ offerings for the corresponding thyristor module outline a maximum junction temperature of 140 degrees C and 150 degrees C for diode modules. The isolation voltage of 4800 volts meets industry requirements and underlines the outstanding capabilities and the high reliability of the IXYS’ TO-240 product line.

The module range contains diode phase-legs as well as thyristor and thyristor/diode phase-legs: