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ITT Has Many Options For Electric Vehicle Charging

ITT’s charging solutions provide AC amperage from 16A to 80A, with charging connectors, plugs, inlets and outlets that support all three regional standards while offering consistent aesthetics. These solutions help enable leading-edge technology innovation, while simultaneously building brand value for global EV makers, and provide users a higher-quality charging experience.

“ITT has been involved in the evolution of EV technology since we produced our very first electric car charging connector nearly 20 years ago,” said Gary Ashurst, general manager of the ITT Interconnect Solutions transportation and industrial business unit. “Today we’re continuing to drive this process by blending our proven EV solutions with collaborative customization and design capabilities that help pioneering EV companies solve their unique challenges.”

Options include :

  • EV charging, connectors, plugs, inlets and outlets – Designed in accordance with all regional EV standards and with ergonomically designed modular plugs and connector handles, this interconnect solution has a robust contact system with charging options rated to 80A.
  • APD  – APD is a versatile range of full plastic direct, in-line and bulkhead circular connectors that are resistant to engine, transmission and brake fluids.
  • Trident High Voltage (THV) – Cannon’s Trident connector system is a versatile range of connectors based on a standard contact design. These contacts are fully interchangeable throughout the Trident series.
  • Sure Seal – These watertight and chemical resistant connectors with up to 100 mating cycles feature a simple one-piece molded elastomeric body, require only contacts to assemble and satisfy industrial standards.
  • CLC/SLC – This superior environmental sealing IP68 is available in layouts of 2 and 4 contacts.

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