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Holy Stone Parametric Search Engine Now Live

Holy Stone added a new parametric search engine to make it easier to pick a Holy Stone part number.

Holy Stone Enterprise Co. Ltd, also known as HEC, is a leading manufacturer of MLCC’s.  Our core product lines are:  surface mount and through hole X and Y Safety Certified Capacitors, High Voltage Capacitors, and High Capacitance Capacitors. We also support a wide range of SMD Ceramic Capacitors from 0201 to 3640 sizes, at 6.3Vdc to 8KVdc, in NPO, X6S, X7R, X5R, and Y5V temperature coefficients.  Through hole Safety Disc Capacitors are available in NPO, SL, X7R, Y5P, Y5V, and Y5U temperature coefficients with X1/Y1 and X1/Y2 class ratings.  All Safety Certified Capacitors are recognized by TUV, U/L, CSA, and CQC agencies

It will give you a list of Holy Stone part numbers that fit your requirements and link you to their samples and quote requests




Parametric Search