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New Momentary Action Tactile Switches With Ultra Low Profile, Miniature Footprint

PTS 540 Series ultra-low profile top-actuated tactile switches provide extended lifecycles…

C&K has developed a series of surface mount ultra-low profile top-actuated tactile switches with extended operating life cycles up to 500,000. The PTS 540 switches measure just 3.7mm x 3.7mm with a board-mounted profile of 0.35mm.

The PTS 540 Series tactile switches are RoHS-compliant SPST (single-pole, single-throw) top-actuated surface mount devices with a selection of operating force ratings and operating life cycles (160gf ±50; 500,000 cycles, black casing, and 230gf ±50; 200,000 cycles, gray casing) with a travel distance of 0.15mm ±0.1mm and bounce time of less than 10ms. Contacts are rated for 50mA (max) and 12VDC (max). Operating temperature range is -30°C to 85°C.

The PTS 540 Series switches are sold in 10,000-piece tape-and-reel packaging. Engineering samples are currently available.

Attached Datasheet file: PTS540 catalog pages (152.98 Kb)