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Diodes Introduces Universal High Voltage Buck LED Driver – AL9902

The AL9902 is a high input voltage, PWM LED driver that provides a simple, efficient solution for universal input (85Vac up to 277Vac) high brightness LED lamps.

It has an internal MOSFET that allows switching frequencies up to 300kHz, with the switching frequency determined by an external single resistor. The AL9902 Buck topology creates a constant current through the LEDs providing constant light output. The output current is programmed by one external resistor. The LED brightness can be varied by both Linear and PWM dimming using the AL9902’s LD and PWM_D pins respectively. The PWM input operates with duty cycle of 0-100% and frequency of up to several kHz.

The AL9902 is available in SO-16 and the thermally enhanced DFN6040-12 packages.