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Delta Slim Heat Pipes and Vapor Chambers

Delta, a thermal solution expert, provides thinner, lighter and cooler heat pipes and vapor chambers. Slim heat pipes and vapor chambers transfer heat instantly through liquid-vapor phase exchange in limited space. With in-house thermal technology and precision manufacturing capability, Delta provides highly customized thermal solution to our customers.

Heat pipes and vapor chambers are highly efficient heat transfer solutions, which use the continuous vaporation/condensation with a working fluid for a two-phase heat transfer in a closed system. Since the latent heat of pure water vaporization is large, heat pipes and vapor chambers transport large heat capacity with small temperature difference.

With the technological know-how and process precision of a thermal solution leader, Delta’s slim heat pipe and vapor chamber are capable of slimmer, lighter and higher thermal performance. Making it the best thermal solution for electronic portable devices, i.e., smart phones, tablets, AR, VR, and drones.