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Delta Fans Offer IP55 and IP56 Ingress Protection

Delta IP56 and IP55 rated fans are purpose-built with superior production techniques to prevent dust and water ingress in harsh conditions.

Built upon a strong catalogue of DC axial fans and blowers, Delta offers a wide-range with IP56 and IP55 ratings that operate in harsh environmental conditions. These fans and blowers have passed what are known as IP and Bellcore GR487 standard validations that determine their ability to withstand a set range of adverse operating conditions. These tests help determine if practical applications involving high heat, humidity, dust, dirt, salt mist, or water spray while in punishing environments will affect the operation of the fan. Delta achieves these capabilities through its own proprietary potting process that protects sensitive internal motors from damage due to dust, foreign objects, or water.

The result is a Delta IP rated fan that seeks to minimize maintenance downtime with a longer operating life under these conditions and is ready to be deployed worldwide. Look to Delta IP rated fans for your next project involving outdoor or indoor applications such as industrial, telecom, IT, renewable energy, heating and cooling, and more.