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Delta Announces Advancement in Sleeve Bearing Fans with Their Superflo Series

Representing a decisive step forward in sleeve bearing technology, Delta Superflo Bearing Fans are this culmination of innumerable hours of research and development. The results of which are newly augmented mechanical structures that ensure permanent lubrication of the spinning mechanism. This is achieved through multiple improvements to the inner lubrication system, pump dynamics, sealing, and flow. Featuring an anti-gravity oil pump, Delta Superflo Bearing Fans recirculate internal oil reserves endlessly within a chamber sealed by dual labyrinth seals. This flow, combined with heat and pressure created through centrifugal forces during operation, minimizes friction and noise while extending the working life of the fan.


  • Potentially integrated into a wide variety of applications, SuperFlo Bearing Fans key operational enhancements are as follows:
  • Permanently lubricated spinning mechanism
  • Anti-gravity oil pump
  • Greatly reduced friction and noise
  • Better acoustic performance over 2-ball bearing fans at low speed operation
  • Superb anti-shock
  • Operating life guarantee (L10) 50,000 hours at 40C minimum
  • Wide applicable temperature range
  • Redesigned sealing and oil flow paths
  • New sinter powder metal bearing