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C&K Offers Illuminated, Righ-Angle, Tactile Switches With SMT Terminals

C&K is a leading provider with the ITS series.  In addition to three other thru-hole and two other SMT mounting styles, C&K offers this hard to find illuminated, right-angle, SMT option.  It comes in tape and reel packaging, and is compatible pick and place assembly.   The small 6,7mm x 6,65mm package size will use less space on your PCB than a traditional thru-hole part, allowing more room for other components or a smaller overall board size.  The ITS tactile switch is offered in all the common single and bi-color LED’s along with several optional caps, to install after processing.  Note the caps are not SMT compatible.   The ITS is available in two actuation forces, 160gm or 220gm, for crisp tactile feedback.  The ITS has an electrical rating of 50mA@12V DC and operating life of 50,000 cycles.