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C&K Microminiature Switches for Harsh Environments

Applications used in harsh environments have to be resistant and protected against corrosive elements. New innovative designs require switches sturdy enough to survive both regular use and regular exposure to the elements. 

C&K’s KMR6 and KMR7 switches were built specifically to be waterproof, reliable and resistant to vibrations, making them perfect for innovative products such as personal health monitoring systems (as they’re resistant to typical cleaning chemicals) or even connected sport watches (as they protect against weather conditions). KMR6 and KMR7 NG switches are compact (2.8 mm x 4.2 mm), available in two heights (1.9 mm for the KMR6 and 2.5 mm for the KMR7) and are IP67. They are compatible with hydrophobic coatings and feature up to 300,000 life cycle. In addition, the switches are available in four actuation forces, ranging from 1.2 N to 4 N.



  • IP67
  • Excellent tactile feel
  • Standard and long life version
  • Ultra low current capabilities
  • No ground pin

Typical Applications include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive
  • Industrial electronics