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Swissbit Extends EM-20 Embedded Multimedia Card Range

Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, has extended its recently launched EM-20 embedded multimedia card range with a new addition and a choice of pre-configuration options. The single chip storage solution in a BGA153 package with industrial graded MLC flash and controller is an ideal solution for small form factor system boards commonly used in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications.

Particularly where embedded boards are used for edge computing, the required memory footprint is relatively small. On the other hand, consumer products demand increasingly higher capacities, resulting in ever larger densities of embedded storage components.

Swissbit has introduced their 4GB eMMC EM-20 component to address the special requirements of the industrial segment by offering:

  • extended temperature range from -40°C to 85°C,
  • a controller and firmware that maximizes retention,
  • endurance and power fail protection, and
  • the right capacity for the target application.

In line with the previously released members of the EM-20 range, which cover 8 to 64GB densities, the 4GB EM-20 can be configured to operate in MLC mode or in the reliable pSLC mode. The latter stores just one bit in each MLC cell which, compared to the standard use of multi-level cell flash technology, significantly speeds-up read and write access and at the same time increases the permitted P/E cycles (program/erase cycles) from 3,000 to 20,000.

EM-20 allows a user-defined flexible partitioning of the NAND space with several mixed MLC and pSLC segments. The partitioning requires low level user-programming of the device. For easier integration of the EM-20, Swissbit offers a pre-configuration service for all EM-20 devices either in complete MLC or complete pSLC mode. The user is given the choice to order either an MLC configuration with the full capacity or the pSLC configuration with half capacity but 6.7 times the endurance. All products are available at Swissbit Webshop partners.