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IXYS Expands its High Voltage Fast Recovery Diode Products in the Surface Mount D3Pak-HV (TO-268HV)

IXYS announced the introduction of the D3Pak-HV package (TO-268HV). This package offers high voltage capability due to the 1200V rating designed in the creepage distance. The products introduced in the TO-268HV packages are Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED) and the faster version High Performance FRED (HiperFRED).  “The expansion of our D3Pak-HV product portfolio with the FRED Read more…


Delta Expands the LNE Series of LED Drivers

Delta Electronics has launched the LNV series of LED Driver with wide input voltage (180Vac – 528Vac) and constant current/ constant voltage output. The series of LED drivers with 320W output power comes in models with 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V output voltages. Different combinations of features are designed into the LNV series to suit Read more…


IXYS Introduces CPC1511 Single-Pole OptoMOS Relay

The CPC1511 is a single-pole, normally open (1-Form-A) optically isolated Solid State Relay with integrated current limit and thermal shutdown features. Perfect for replacing electromechanical relays while enhancing the robustness of industrial applications, the CPC1511 can carry loads up to 450mADC/mArms. The CPC1511 incorporates thermal shutdown circuitry for improved survivability in harsh environments, and is Read more…

Micro Crystal RTC

Micro Crystal Sets Three World Records with RTC Module

Micro Crystal is proud to announce a new Real Time Clock Module whose minimized consumption, stabilty and size are unrivaled by any equivalent product. This new Real Time Clock Module integrates an integrated circuit and miniaturized tuning fork crystaal in the same ultra-small vacuum-sealed ceramic package. This new Module has established the following records: Highest Read more…

Zero Case

Aluminum Cans to Enclosures to Carry Cases from Zero

ZERO KNOWS no matter what environment, altitude or geographical location you choose to work, ZERO’s Aluminum Cans become an Enclosure with your specifications and requirements, Then, adding the appropriate handles, hinges, latches and feet it becomes an “in-the-field” Carry Case to perform above and beyond expectations. All of ZERO’s products are designed and manufactured based on Read more…